Customer Service

For general enquiries, please email us at:   (Mrs. Lisa Cheung)   (Mrs. Maggy Zhao)   (Mrs. Vivi Yang)   (Mrs. Amy Chen)


For inquiries related to product customization, please email us at:   (Mrs. Catherine Ming)   (Mr. Ken Chow)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)


For technical support, please email us at:  (Mr. David Wong)   (Mr. Jerry Ho)   (Mr. Kevin Lu)   (Mrs. Suzie Wang)


To confirm the identity of an online reseller or distributor, please email us at:   (Mrs. Vivian Li)   (Mrs. Alison Tsui)


For matters related to Watch Servicing, Repairs or Returns, please email us to your local Support Center:
USA, Canada, Central & South America
Middle East and Africa
Asia and Oceania

Business Hours (local time):

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sunday and Local Holidays: Closed


Business Center

For quotations & business related matters, please email us at:  (Mr. Ken Chow)   (Mrs. Catherine Ming)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)


For new orders exceeding a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 units, please email us at:   (Mr. Zhang)  
 (Mrs. Daisy Yao)

For inquiries on our affiliate program, please email us at:   (Mrs. Vivian Li)   (Mrs. Alison Tsui) 

For wholesale distribution & 'Dropshipping', please email us at:   (Mrs. Vivian Li)   (Mrs. Alison Tsui) 


For press & social media enquiries, please email us at:   (Mrs. Candy Wu)   (Mrs. Amy Chen)


For other business opportunities, please email us at:   (Mr. Ken Chow)   (Mrs. Catherine Ming)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)