Frequently Asked Questions


(February 17, 2020)
As of today (Feb. 17), the Chinese Government has still not yet allowed Companies to resume normal operations.
Our Shipping & Logistics Partners estimate that all restrictions will be over by February 19.
This means that regular Shipping schedule will start from February 21. 
Please be reminded that this Governmental Ruling applies not just to our company, but also all major multinational companies like APPLE, MICROSOFT, NIKE and others, all of which were forced to shut down stores and Shipping operations.
On a positive note, we are happy to announce that all our staff is perfectly safe, and according to public data - in all of our region of Guangzhou (16 Million people) there were only 8 infected cases (all expected to recover soon), but more importantly - 0 critical cases and 0 deaths.
This Virus is a simple mutation from a regular FLU, and theres no reason for additional concern.
As an apology for the inconvenience caused by this delay, we will be shipping an additional Leather Strap inside all orders for FREE.
This offer is valid until we resume normal shipping operations.
Thank you so much for your support.




As you have seen reported in the news, China has been hit with a Flu Epidemic (Wuhan Coronavirus).


We are happy to announce that there is NO risk in our region, and all our Staff is perfectly safe.


All our Factories, Warehouses and Customer Service team will continue to work Normally during this period.


However, to mitigate any potential risks, the Government of China has declared a lockdown in all major cities, for 7 days.


Although we do not agree with this measure, we cannot dispute it, as this is Governmental Ruling (mandatory).

For this reason, and even though we will continue to Dispatch and Fulfill all orders on a Daily basis, there will be a 3-7 day shipping delay on all orders, as most roads, logistics centers and borders have been shut down.


(This delay applies not only to our international clients, but also to all our re-sellers and corporate clients.)


Although we're not responsible for any of this delay, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you, and truly appreciate the countless messages of support that we have received during these past few days.


For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.


Thank you for your support,

Catherine Ming
Business Development



We manufacture 2 categories of watches:


1) PREMIUM  - Sold in Retail Stores and our Official Website.


2) LOW-COST  - Sold by Resellers on eBay.


 By placing an order through our Official Website, you are guaranteed to get the lowest possible price (Online and Retail) for our PREMIUM   Collections. 


 Our PREMIUM Collections guarantee full ISO/3159 certification, as well as ensuring independent quality control, lubrication tests, and   containing 100% Original Parts. 



Why 2 different Qualities?

PARNIS WATCH CO. remains primarily a Business to Business (B2B) Company, meaning most of our revenue comes from our Corporate Clients and Multinational Brands, who select us as their Manufacturing Partner.

We manufacture different qualities of products depending on the requests and budget of our clients.

While some brands demand High Quality Standards and Materials, other Clients or Resellers simply prefer to sell cheaper products which is more suitable for their local market.

As a result of this manufacturing experience, we are able to sell our own branded products with a similar strategy, and gladly fulfill both ends of the market.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at 


Will I notice a difference between the PREMIUM / LOW-COST models?

Yes. There is obviously a significant difference in quality between both models, which is also reflected on the final price.

In case you opt for a 'Low-cost' model (which is sold exclusively through our online Distributors & Resellers) we would strongly encourage you to double check the identity of the reseller -and its claims- before making the purchase.

We are not responsible, in any way, shape or form, for the misconduct of online Resellers and Distributors, neither do we refund or provide assistance on watches that were not bought through our Official Website. 

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at



All our products are sold at wholesale price and for that reason we have a No Discount Policy.

An exception to this policy will occur on previously announced days and special holidays, for a set limited period of time.

By placing an order through our Official Website you are guaranteed to get the cheapest price available online and retail for our Premium Collections.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at



We provide Free Express Shipping, worldwide.

A valid Tracking Code is provided with every order.

Each order is dispatched and shipped out within 48 hours from the moment the purchase is completed.
You can expect your order to be delivered from 2 to 6 business days.

All orders are shipped out and delivered for Free by our Shipping Partner FedEx.
(To certain countries or during eventual service disruptions, shipping is provided by DHL Express).

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at




Your satisfaction is critically important to us.

For that reason, we have a 14-Day Return Policy.

During this period, you are allowed to Return your product for a Refund or Exchange.

In this case, please contact your local Shipping Center to receive a Return Ticket:

USA, Canada, Central & South America
Middle East and Africa
Asia and Oceania

Due to our wholesale prices & Free Express Shipping offered on all orders, shipping labels are non-refundable.

Once you return your item, please provide us the Tracking Code of your package, so we can finalize the return process.

Please be aware that in order to receive a Refund (or Exchange), your product must be returned un-worn, un-damaged and with original Labels and packaging.

As soon as we receive your Item, a Refund / Exchange will be provided within 48 hours.

In case of an Exchange, a new Tracking Code will be provided within the same time (48 Hours).

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at



All watches sold through our official website (PARNIS.ORG) are covered with 24 Months Warranty.

Our 24 Months Warranty is Worldwide and starts from the date of delivery recorded on the Courier's Tracking Code.

Under no circumstance, shall PARNIS ® grant any sort of Warranty/Repair to watches purchased through a different channel other than our official website.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at 



Every page on PARNIS.ORG is served through HTTPS secure protocol.

Your connection to our shop is encrypted with 128 bit encryption, and all information is transmitted via SSL secure servers.

To learn more information about the security of your connection to our website, you can simply click on the small green lock icon in the address bar of your browser next to the URL which starts with https.




In addition to using SSL secure connection, we use an added layer of security when it comes to making payments and your sensitive credit card information.

You have two options to pay for your purchase, both with highest security standards in the industry:

Credit Card: You can securely pay with your Credit Card via Stripe. Stripe is the worlds leading provider of credit card processing for online transactions. When you choose to pay with your Credit Card, you’ll be presented with an overlay form to enter your card data, this form is being loaded directly from Stripe servers, not our website. For those of you who are a bit more technical, we use Stripe.js as an added layer of security.

We do not store any Credit Card data on our own server, as the whole process is conducted and handled on Stripe's Data centers.

Once you finalize the payment, Stripe will send an immediate confirmation to our servers with the last 4 digits of your credit card number, confirming the transaction and authorizing the prompt fulfillment of your order.


PayPal:  You can also finalize your payment through PayPal, using a Credit Card or Debit Card (You don't have to create a PayPal account).

When choosing this method, you’ll be redirected to PayPal website to complete the payment.

The whole payment process will take place on PayPal’s own secure servers, which means that we do not collect any of your Personal, Credit or Debit Card information. 

Once you’ve successfully finalize the purchase, PayPal will automatically redirect you back to our website to check the summary of your order.




Can I pay in my Local Currency?

Yes, you will be charged in your Local Currency and without any additional fee, either by your Credit Card provider or PayPal.

However, please keep in mind that for Accounting purposes, all Checkouts must be processed in the same standard currency (USD).

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at


Do the prices include local TAX and VAT?

Yes. All prices displayed in our website are final, including Local & Export Taxes and VAT.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at


Is the package shipped out as a 'Gift'?

Yes. All packages include a Customs Declaration which marks the order as a 'Gift'.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at 


Can I still purchase a Discontinued model or a different color combination not displayed online?

Yes. We still keep stock of most of our collections since 2005.

Over the past decade we have manufactured thousands of different designs and different color combinations, and therefore it is impossible to display them all in our website.

However, if you you have found a photo of an old PARNIS design, or simply would like to request a different color combination, please drop us an email at and we will follow up on your request within 24 hours.


Does PARNIS ship Worldwide?

Yes. We provide FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, reaching almost 200 countries and to all remote locations covered by FedEx.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at


Does PARNIS sell directly to Consumers (B2C)?

Yes. PARNIS has been selling directly to consumers since its inception (2005).

While our core mission has always been Manufacturing for big corporate Clients, the fact that we have been selling directly to the end Customer for so long has been incredibly beneficial to our company.

By selling at wholesale prices directly to the Consumer, our brand has become recognizable all over the world, which has brought us more clients and brand awareness than we can possibly have achieved otherwise.

In the past several months we have also increased our efforts to expand our brand and become ever more in touch with our clients, by creating a Customer Support Team which is available 24/7 for both Corporate & Individual customers.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at 


Why publishing Edited and Non-Edited Photos?

We receive hundreds of requests every week for additional photos of our timepieces, in different angles and under different lighting.

In order to accommodate all these requests in the most efficient way, we are consistently adding 'Non-Edited' photos to the standard 'Photoshopped' image of each product.

We hope this can provide our customers with a more real impression on the color and detail of our watches.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at


Can I buy an 'Audemars Piguet Royal Oak' homage watch?


The "Royal Oak" design is copyrighted and a registered Trademark by Audemars Piguet®.

Any Re-seller or Website selling this type of watches is selling a counterfeit product and therefore should be immediately reported to the local authorities.

Under no circumstance does PARNIS® sell or promote products from any other brand, other than its own.

Please be aware that fraudulent Resellers are usually also associated with online scams and other fraudulent activities, so we would strongly advise you to avoid any kind of transaction with these type of entities and/or organizations.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at 


Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property?

PARNIS WATCH CO. does not, under any circumstance, violate International Trademarks, Copyrights or Intellectual Property, on any of its models.

Our timepieces pay homage to existing iconic watches, without replicating Copyrights, Trademarks, or any other existing Intellectual Property on Branding or Design.

For further inquiries on this matter please email us at



Customer Service

For general enquiries, please email us at:   (Mrs. Lisa Cheung)   (Mrs. Maggy Zhao)   (Mrs. Vivi Yang)   (Mrs. Amy Chen)


For inquiries related to product customization, please email us at:   (Mrs. Catherine Ming)   (Mr. Ken Chow)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)


For technical support, please email us at:   (Mr. David Wong)    (Mr. Jerry Ho)    (Mr. Kevin Lu)   (Mrs. Suzie Wang)


To confirm the identity of an online reseller or distributor, please email us at:   (Mrs. Vivian Li)   (Mrs. Alison Tsui)


For matters related to Watch Servicing, Repairs or Returns, please email us to your local Support Center:
USA, Canada, Central & South America
Middle East and Africa
Asia and Oceania

Business Hours (local time):

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sunday and Local Holidays: Closed


Business Center

For quotations & business related matters, please email us at:   (Mr. Ken Chow)    (Mrs. Catherine Ming)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)


For new orders exceeding a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 units, please email us at:   (Mr. Zhang)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)

For inquiries on our affiliate program, please email us at:   (Mrs. Vivian Li)   (Mrs. Alison Tsui)  


For wholesale distribution & 'Dropshipping', please email us at:   (Mrs. Vivian Li)   (Mrs. Alison Tsui) 


For press & social media enquiries, please email us at:   (Mrs. Candy Wu)   (Mrs. Amy Chen)


For other business opportunities, please email us at:  (Mr. Ken Chow)   (Mrs. Catherine Ming)   (Mrs. Daisy Yao)