Swiss grade mechanical watches for 2% of their price.

No marketing gimmicks.

No celebrity endorsements.

No abusive markups.

Did you know that a 7,000 USD  swiss watch costs less than 80 USD to manufacture?

According to COSC (Swiss most prestigious Horological institute), Rolex manufactured over 1,2 Million pieces in 2017, increasing their highly automated processes and technology, and creating little to no human interaction along the manufacturing process.

We often ask, "Why is a Mass-manufactured product (in millions of units) sold as an ultra-luxury item, when its actual cost is no more than just a few dollars a piece"?

Did you know that 40% of "Swiss Made", is actually made in Asia?

Under Swiss Law, Swiss manufacturers are allowed to outsource 40% of their production overseas (in countries such as China or Thailand), and still label their products as "Swiss Made".

Swiss manufacturers have been manufacturing watch parts in China for over 20 years, allowing them to save millions of dollars in manufacturing costs, while keeping their quality control standards intact.

Did you know the Swiss Watchmaking industry spent over 735 Million USD in 2017, in Advertising?

Are you really buying a Swiss Watch, or just paying for their Advertising and Celebrity endorsements?


This is why we started our Company:

After years of growing incredibly frustrated with the constant abuse of the so-called "high end" watch manufacturers, we decided to establish our Company in 2005 and give back to the watchmaking community what we all had been waiting for:

Handmade Mechanical Timepieces, for 2% of the price of our Swiss competitors.


We spend 0 $ in Advertising, Marketing gimmicks and Celebrity endorsements.

Our reputation has been built on word of mouth, and the genuine endorsement from journalists and thousands of happy customers around the world, reviewing our Timepieces on Youtube and other platforms. This has saved us hundreds of thousands of Dollars on Advertising,  allowing us to invest 100% of our time and focus in what we do best - manufacturing great watches.

We spend 0 $ in Retail stores, Sales Agents and other unnecessary middlemen.

Our business model allows us to manufacture and assemble all our models in-house, selling them directly to our customers without requiring a physical store, agents or other middleman involved in the promotion and distribution of our products, saving up to 300% in price Markup when compared to our competitors.

As a matter of fact, we spend 0 USD a year in everything that is not related to Manufacturing or Product Development.

The result? We have been able to offer unrivaled prices for close to 2,000 different models, making it the largest selection of Mechanical Timepieces in the world.


We have stayed true to this purpose from day one, and today, close to 15 years later, we are known as the leading 'Homage Watch' brand in the world, capable of delivering similar quality to some of the world's greatest brands, at a fraction of their price.

After all, it's not by accident that the prestigious Men's magazine GQ called us the "best kept secret in watchmaking".

Welcome to our community.